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Gold Meso Therapy


Lunch-Time Skin Rejuvenation

The Gold Mesotherapy treatment uses the AquaGold Fine Touch Technology, which is a specially-designed to deliver tailor-made solutions directly into the skin. The treatment effectively treats various problem areas from severe acne to hollows and fine lines at the root of the problem.

Its patented micro-channel delivery system allows a mix of treatments to be delivered in one solution. The treatment shows significant improvements to various skin concerns, even after just one session.

The Gold Meso Treatment can be used to improve skin quality with growth-factors, PRP, Hyaluronic fillers and neuromodulators on sensitive areas like:



The Gold Meso treatment uses a unique device to deliver a mix of ingredients – fillers, prp, neuromodulators and growth factors directly into the skin. The device consists of a chamber that holds the serum mixture, which is connected to the head that delivers them. The head of the device is fitted with patented 24k gold-plated surgical-grade needles (micro-channels) that are measurably thinner than a strand of hair.


The results are extremely significant within the first two weeks after your treatment. A series of sessions as recommended by your medical advisor would increase the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as the results.

*Results may vary from patient to patient.


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What our clients say

I think Eternal Clinic is my favorite only as good as the therapists they have. Vassilisa is one of the best I have ever encountered. Not only is her advice and recommendations sound, they are also honest and I have never felt that she is selling me something for the sake of it. In fact quiet the opposite if she feels that a treatment is not right for me, she will tell me. I trust her judgement implicitly!! She is a credit to the clinic! That is why I keep coming back!!

Shahenda Shaban

The clinic is elegant inside with it's natural hue and gold interior. Staff is courteous and professional. I had my facial today and Marj was sweet and well versed in skin regimen and advises the best way to take care of my skin. The facial experience was pleasant as it was not the same as I had before from back home. Overall it was a marvelous experience.And the results are amazing, more than expected. Thank you very much for the integration in the center❤️❤️

Lani Endrina

A wonderful and integrated beauty clinic. Thank you for your convenient and distinguished services And the results are amazing, more than expected. Thank you very much for the integration in the center❤️❤️

Kinda Abo Baker
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